Quiana Smith- Atlanta, Ga

"This product has helped my hair tremendously. I am in the process of growing my hair and was searching for a product to help strengthen my stands to prevent breakage and this was it! After one use I could tell a difference in my hair. It was shinny, looks so much healthier, and I barely had any breakage while styling my hair on a daily basis. This is an amazing product!"

Natalie West - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I purchased my first set of Cocovonday products (Mask, shampoo and conditioner) and absolutely ❤️Them!! They get your natural curls soft and tangle free. I noticed how thick my hair has become since purchasing theses products.. Trust me you won’t be disappointed 💆🏾‍♀️ I am reordering now, can’t wait to try the new products"

T'wana Leach - Atlanta, Georgia

 "Today, I used The Complete Package. I must tell you that my hair feels and looks amazing! Silky and shiny just the way healthy hair should look and feel. I would highly recommend these products. I can't wait to try more!"

LaRena Harris - Springfield, Massachusetts