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Hi everyone! My name is Monique the CEO and founder of Cocovonday Naturals. I created my products do to a lack of options for natural hair in the industry that best suited my hair. After getting tired of buying commercial hair products that did not fit the needs of my hair I decided to do lots of research on natural and organic ingredients and its hair benefits and started making my own natural hair products. Many began to notice the health of my hair changing for the better and asked me to make my products for them. They began to have the same results and reaction from others and before I knew it my passion has turned into a business. A business that I named after my 3 daughters. Coco is for Courtney, Von is for Vonie, and Day is for DayDay "COCOVONDAY!"

My products however I have found are great for all hair types natural, relaxed, curly and straight as many of different hair types has used it for the betterment of their hair. My products are handcrafted and enriched with natural and organic ingredients to cleanse the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, help repair dry damaged hair and retain moisture. 

Please feel free to browse the website as I am sure your hair will love the yummy ingredients of Cocovonday Naturals! 

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